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When you play rummy, you will realize that this card game is full of excitement and fun. But, it is also important to keep yourself updated with all things related to the world of rummy. So here we have a blog called "Play Rummy" for all rummy game lovers.

What is Show in Rummy

What is “Show” in Rummy

What is “Show” in Rummy Indians love to play rummy. It is a simple card game that provides a lot of fun. However, you must know all the rules to ensure you play well. Here, you will find out more about “show” in rummy and you will learn what it means and how to use...

January 25, 2023
Types of Traditional Rummy

What are the Different Types of Traditional Rummy?

  Types of Traditional Rummy Traditional cash rummy games have always been one of the most popular card games in India. But these card games are no longer stuck to offline modes. Now, most of these traditional cash rummy games are now available online on websites and various rummy apps. If you have a smartphone...

December 21, 2022