Practice Games

A rummy beginner? Or you want to just brush up on your rummy skills? The ultimate rummy destination has news for you!

Practice Games

Rummytime now lets online rummy gamers to play practice matches using welcome bonus and chips pre-delivered to their wallets. They can choose their preferred rummy variant in 6 available languages. Players get to choose from not one or two, but three rummy variants, Point Rummy, Pool Rummy, and Deal Rummy. Desired rummy variants come in both practice and premium cash versions

Points Rummy: Also called 80 points rummy, and is the most basic rummy version that beginners can start with. Players need to choose the point values per their comfort.

Pool Rummy: There are 2 variants: 101 pool and 201 pool, wherein the player must ensure that their opponents make more than 101 or 201 points respectively, while keeping their score below the threshold.

Deals Rummy: In this variant, a pre-decided number of chips are distributed at the very beginning of the game and recalculated at the end. One who has maximum chips is declared as the winner.

Rummytime app ensures safety and security, with a smooth gaming experience on mobile, to all its players. It is 100% Legal which is tested and trusted by 7 lakh+ Indian rummy players. Equipped with the ultimate graphics and visual interface, game play on this app imparts an actual ‘card-based rummy game’ look on your phone.

The uninterrupted gameplay aided by low mobile data consumption along with the finesse to function smoothly in low network zones, users are bound to forget time while they win chips or real cash!

The practice app provides tips and tricks to help users learn rummy or polish your skills while challenging their opponents on the desired tables. The practice app is RNG (Random Number Generator) certified by iTech Labs, ensuring randomly selected cards to all its players for a fair gameplay.

Install Rummytime practice app now from playstore ( click here to download ) to play epic online rummy games and get lakhs of free chips! Users can also download the premium app for playing real cash games and withdraw the winnings to their accounts multiple times a day, whenever they desire.

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Love to play Practice Games

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