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Rummy is one of the most popular card games in India. Some believe that the roots of the game can be traced back to the 16th century. That’s why there are crores of players who play this game every day online.

Traditionally, the game is played between 2-6 players. Generally, all players are dealt 13 cards each. The objective of the game is simple. The cards have to be arranged into sequences and sets. The first player to make a valid declaration (which includes at least two sequences of which one sequence should be a pure sequence) will win. There are many variants of rummy that make this game so exciting for players around the world.

Rummy Game Variants on

Variants of rummy

Rummy Game Variants on There are three different variants of rummy available on RummyTime. This is because the platform caters to a diverse group of gamers who can choose their favourite format and play what they want. Whether there is someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to play a game or there is someone who wants to take their time to strategise, there truly is something for everyone who logs into RummyTime. The platform is also popular because there are so many tournaments and massive prize pools. Players can potentially win from lakhs of rupees and that makes it even more exciting and thrilling. Here are the different variants of rummy that are available on RummyTime.

The platform is also popular because there are so many tournaments and massive prize pools. Players can potentially win from lakhs of rupees and that makes it even more exciting and thrilling.

Here are the different variants of rummy that are available on RummyTime.

Points rummy

Points Rummy

This is one of the quickest variants of rummy. But regardless of how fast the games can be, Points Rummy requires quick thinking from all the players. As the name suggests, the game is played for points. All players will try to arrange their cards into sequences and sets. The goal is to reach 0 points, which only happens when a player makes a valid declaration.

On RummyTime, there is a pre-decided value assigned to every point that’s in play during the game. As a player, you can choose to either join a 2-player table or a 6-player table. There are free rummy games and practice games that you can choose from. You can also Add Cash and play cash games. You can choose cash games where the predetermined value is ₹0.05 and it can go all the way to ₹500 for a 2-player game. For a 6-player game, the predetermined value ranges from ₹0.05 to ₹125.

Imagine you have joined a 2-player game where the predetermined value for every point is ₹1. The prize pool for this game will be ₹160. If you end up winning the game, then the prize money will be the value of all the ungrouped cards that your opponent has. RummyTime will get a small commission from the Buy-In.

Pool rummy

Pool Rummy

RummyTime offers three sub-variants of Pool Rummy. They are called: 61 Pool, 101 Pool, and 201 Pool. There is a fixed entry fee to play the game. This becomes part of the prize pool. The first person to make a valid declaration during each deal will be the winner of that round. They will receive 0 points. Those who lose a particular round will carry the number of points they accumulated to the next round. Players get eliminated if they reach the maximum number of points on the table. So, if one is playing 201 Pool rummy, then players who get 201 points or above will be automatically eliminated. The objective is to score the least amount of points at the end of the game. So, the person who wins the entire game will also be the one who has the least number of points.

Even if you have been eliminated from the game, there is a possibility you can rejoin the game. However, you will have to meet certain criteria for it to happen. Do note that these rules are in play only for the RummyTime platform. They are: The fixed entry fee for the table should be less than ₹2,000. In 61 Pool, the highest score of the remaining players shouldn’t exceed 44 points. In 101 Pool, the highest score held by the remaining players should be 79 points or less. While playing 201 Pool, the highest score held by the remaining players should be no higher than 174 points.

The prize pool depends on the Buy-In. So, if the Buy-In is ₹25, then the prize pool for a 6-player game will be ₹150. This is the kind of format you will enjoy if you want to spend a lot of time strategising toward an exciting win.

Deals rummy

Deals Rummy

What sets Deals Rummy apart from other variants is that at the very beginning of the game, all players are allocated a set number of chips. Players will have to play with these chips for a predetermined number of deals. At the end of every deal, the player who wins (the first player to make a valid declaration) will get all the chips. The player with the most number of chips at the end of all the pre-decided deals will then be declared the winner.

It is also a long-format game, however, RummyTime offers a version of this variant that’s called “Express Deal” and this version is quick. And it only includes 1 deal.

If you choose a 2-player game of Deals rummy, then you will have to play at least 2 deals. If you choose to play a 6-player version of this game, you will have to play 3 deals.

rummy tournaments

Rummy Tournaments

There are many exciting and fun tournaments that players can choose to join on RummyTime. It should be noted that there are free tournaments and cash tournaments. Free tournaments have no entry fees and winners win from a prize pool of Discount Credits. Cash tournaments have a fixed entry fee. And, you can win from a pool of money that forms the prize pool. There are also satellite tournaments. These tournaments consist of a series of interconnected tournaments, starting from basic shooters and progressing through satellites, tickets to mega finales, and ultimately culminating in the grand finale.

Players will get support from the team at RummyTime whenever they face any issues with cash games. It is advised that beginners to the game start playing practice games on RummyTime as it is free. They can play as many free games as they want before opting for cash games. This way they will be able to pick up the necessary skills they need to play as well as they can.

rummy tournaments

Big and Exciting Weekend Tournaments

Because of RummyTime, you will have one more reason to look forward to the weekend. The platform hosts two tournaments on both Saturday AND Sunday.

saturday mega Freeroll

Saturday Mega Freeroll

The Saturday Mega Freeroll is a free tournament that happens every Saturday at 9pm. All participants get a minimum prize which consists of Discount Credits. The prize pool currently is 12.5 lakh Discount Credits! Players can use these Discount Credits to join cash games on RummyTime.

Sunday Ultimate Freeroll

Sunday Ultimate Freeroll

Another exciting tournament is the Sunday Ultimate Freeroll which takes place at 3pm. This is also a free tournament with a guaranteed reward for all participants. The prize pool is an incredible 21 lakh Discount Credits.

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RummyTime Reviews

Jaswinswe Singh

Jaswinswe Singh


Software engineer, Bangalore

Once won ₹10,000

I often play in the Saturday Mega Free-roll tournament cause registration is free. Once I won ₹10,000 by the end of the game! I have never felt so happy in my life winning something so easily! Definitely Rummytime tourneys are a must play!!

J Shaklesh

J Shaklesh


Business, Madhya Pradesh

Best app for rummy

Rummytime is the best app for online rummy. They have so many offers. I got an amazing Welcome Bonus when I first joined. Their Refer-A-Friend programme is the best that I have come across. I have won numerous

Swaroop Biswas

Swaroop Biswas


Bank employee, Kolkata

Rummytime is amazing

Playing tournaments on Rummytime is amazing. I mostly play cash tournament like "All OR Nothing" or "Fantastic Four" for the thrill of it! The best part is till date i have won more that ₹12,000 and instanty withdrawn it to my bank account! Rummytime is the best!

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