October 9, 2023
India Can Become the Leader of the Global Gaming Industry

India Can Become the Leader of the Global Gaming Industry

A recent survey published by Business Standards, has revealed that 84% of tech practitioners in India believe that the online skill gaming industry in the country has the potential to become a global leader. This was one of the key findings from a joint study between the E-Gaming Federation (EGF) and the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. 

Around 4,644 engineering students and professionals were surveyed as part of the study. These participants were spread across five states in India – Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. Those who participated were asked their opinions and perceptions of the online gaming industry in India. The final findings have since been published in a study titled “Unveiling the Potential and Scope of the Online Skill Gaming Industry: A Study with Technology Students and Professionals”. 

The study showed that most participants remain optimistic and upbeat about the growth of the Indian online gaming industry. Subhamoy Maitra, a professor at the ISI, Kolkata, stated, “This analysis unearths a strong belief among the respondents that India’s homegrown gaming industry can reduce the brain drainage of talents in the technology domain, offering them opportunities towards innovation and growth right here on home soil. Within the larger gaming domain, from an intellectual point of view, skill gaming enjoys a particularly strong interest among technology professionals.”

The Survey in Numbers

  • 73% of the participants said that they have a strong interest in pursuing a career in the industry
  • 100% of the respondents from Kerala specified that they wanted to pursue professional education in the field and wanted to upskill as a result
  • 68% said that this sector will play a role in improving their own skill sets 
  • 31% wanted to go into programming
  • 42% indicated an inclination towards learning more about AI (artificial intelligence), ML (Machine Learning) and algorithm-related theories

Stemming the Brain Drain

More than half of those that were surveyed emphasized the importance of developing the industry within India. In fact, 60% stated that they believed that a strong presence locally would stem the brain drain and poaching of good talent by companies outside of India. 

All About Innovation

Technology and innovation are among the core reasons why the gaming industry remains attractive to highly skilled engineers. In fact, 75% of respondents explicitly stated that they wanted to pursue a career in technology domains such as 5G, metaverse, and other innovative fields. Because there is so much scope for growth and ingenuity in the field, thousands flock to it. In fact, the majority of the respondents have noted that they want the educational system to re-align current courses to meet the needs of the sector. Ultimately they believe that this industry will have a positive impact on not only the professionals but also aspiring students. 

So, What’s Next for the Online Gaming Industry?

In 2023, the government of India announced that 28% GST would be levied on online gaming. Experts have noted that while this will impact the sector, it is also an opportunity to adapt, evolve and grow. This study proves that experts and students are not only bullish about the prospects of the gaming industry but that they believe that despite recent changes, this field will continue advancing. 

Ultimately, there’s talent. There’s hope. And, there is the drive. The Indian online gaming apps, such as fantasy sports and online rummy, will hopefully bloom as a result of all of this.