Points Rummy

Rummy isn't always a long-drawn and time-consuming game. For a quick game when you are short on time but looking for some thrill, play Points Rummy.

Points Rummy

What is Points Rummy?

One of the fastest variants of rummy, points rummy has seen growing popularity in recent times. With busy schedules and small attention spans, anyone looking for a quick game prefers points rummy over any other game.

The Rules of Points Rummy

The rules of points rummy are quite similar to 13 card rummy, with one important difference. Let’s take a look at the all rules in details.

  • Points rummy is played between 2 to 6 players with one or more decks of cards.
  • The deck is shuffled well and 13 cards each are dealt to every player.
  • The cards that remain are placed on the table in a pile (known as stock pile). The first card of this pile is placed face up (this forms the open deck) and the remaining cards are placed face down (this forms the closed deck).
  • The players attempt to make 2 melds, which can be either 2 pure sequences, 1 pure sequence and 1 impure sequence, or 1 pure sequence and 1 set.
  • Players take turns to pick a card from the open deck or from the closed deck and discard one of the cards from their hand to the open deck.
  • The players who fulfils the above objective first can call for a show (often done by calling out the word ‘rummy’). The game is stopped at this point and the sequences and sets are validated. If found valid, the player is declared the winner with zero points.
  • The other players are assigned points based on the cards in their hand. Each card carries points as follows
    • Ace – 10 points (but may differ from place to place and people to people)
    • King, Queen, Jack – 10 points each
    • Joker – 0 points
    • Numerical cards – Same points as face value

Drop Option

Dropping on the first turn leads to a penalty of 20 points.
Dropping on any subsequent turn means a penalty of 40 points.
Wrong declaration or 3 consecutive misses by the same player leads to a penalty of 80 points and the player is automatically dropped from the game.

What makes Points Rummy Different?

What makes points rummy different from other forms of rummy is that each player commits a cash amount to enter the game (also called the value the players bring to the table). The points scored in the game have a pre-decided rupee value. There is only one round of gameplay and the winner takes it all – all of the cash committed by all the players goes to the winner.

Another difference is the amount of time it takes to complete the game. Points rummy typically needs only one complete game to declare a winner.

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